Our Projects

Surobi Flash Floods in Kabul-1

Drinking water project

Almost 60% of people in Afghanistan do not have access to clean drinking water. Statistical analysis shows that the introduction of sufficient clean drinking water into an area results in a 35% reduction in severe diarrhoeal morbidity thereby saving many lives and improving the health of the people in the area.

Emergency Aid Funds

While our focus is on long term development we recognise that in extreme circumstances the first priority is to save lives. Humanitarian assistance society Australia provides emergency aid where required. Emergency aid can be in the form of food, clothing, temporary shelter or working with our partners to provide emergency medical support.

HAS-Australia Distribution - 2012-1

Feed a widow

Distributing food items to widows in camps.

Help the most needy

We help the families who are in desperate conditions.

Sadaqat ul Fitr Afghan Mosque Committee-1
Sadaqat ul Fitr Afghan Mosque Committee-1

zakah donations

Our team is working hard to distribute zakah donations to the most needy people at the right time.

Orphanage Project

Our most recent projects include building of an orphanage.

Sadaqat ul Fitr Afghan Mosque Committee-1