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Eid ul Fitr Mubarak!

HAS-Aus wishes you a blessed and joyful Eid. May Allah (SWT) accept all our Ibadas and reward everyone for their ongoing  support and well wishes, may he make us steadfast on the path of righteousness, increase our Iman and forgive our sins. Aameen.
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Ramadan 2015 – Fitrana $15 per head

Asalam mualikum Alhadullilah your donations were distributed on the 8th of Ramadan we are now pleased to inform you that HAS-Aus is collecting Zakat-Mall and Zakat-Fitrana and sending Fitrana to eligible needy families in Afghanistan on 25th of Ramadan, please contact us on 0470538126 or make direct deposit. Baking details are BSB: 063237 Account No:…
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HAS-AUS Annual Family BBQ 2015

Asalamualykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakat! HAS-AUS would like to thank you for helping to make this year’s HAS-AUS Annual Family BBQ a success. Despite the chilly weather in the morning, hundreds of kids and their families came out to make this event a huge fun. By the grace of Almighty Allah the day ran smoothly,…
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Landslide in Badakhshan

In the space of one devastating week, the natural disaster has killed more people in Afghanistan than they did all last year. At the heart of the destruction was the double landslide that engulfed a village in a remote northeastern province on Friday killing more than 2,000 people. A mass of rock and mud that…
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HAS EID-Al-Adha Festival Kebab Stall 2013

HAS-AFG organized a kebab food stall at the Dandenong Eid Festival 2013. The stall was setup to sell kebabs along with chips and salads to help raise funds for the construction of wells and masjids in various parts of Afghanistan where the need for such infrastructure has reached desperation. Alhamdullillah, we raised a total of…
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HAS-Australia family BBQ 2014

Every year HAS-AUS holds its annual family BBQ. This year (2014) the event was held at Braeside Park, near Keysborough. The event is held every year thanking the communities for their ongoing support and encouragements. The aim of the event is create an environment and encourage families in the community to get together, meet one…
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March 2014 HAS-AUS initiated the distribution of money collection tins to business within the muslim communities in the south eastern region of Victoria.
Business operated by muslims within the local communities is striving, and support has been tremendous with number of business jumping on board immediately as soon as they became aware of the idea. We have 30 business signed up for this project already, money tins have been distributed and donations are coming in.
In the first couple of weeks, we received one tin entirely filled; we counted the tin to contain just over $300, Alhamddullillah. The money collected will be invested into the orphanage program to help maintain sponsorship for the coming years for the 250 orphans on the list.
We pray that Allah (swt) bring success and good fortune to all the business who are assisting HAS-AUS with this initiative.

Fundraising Dinner 2013

[powr-video-slider] On the night of July 5th 2013, HAS-AUS held its 2nd annual Fundraising Dinner for the deprived orphans and poor people in Afghanistan, people who are awfully affected by war and subsequently by severe poverty. The event was held at Springvale Town Hall in Springvale. Two separate presentation areas were setup; one for the…
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Indoor Cricket Tournament 2013

October 2103 HAS-AUS held its first annual indoor cricket tournament to help raise funds for humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan. The tournament was held at the Sandown Indoor Sports Centre located in Springvale. On the day, 8 teams participated in the tournament. Alhamdulillah, HAS-AUS raised $1,300 consisting of player participation fees and sales of sausages.
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Surobi Flash Floods in Kabul Dozens of people including women and children lost their lives, and hundreds of houses were destroyed following flash floods in Surobi district of Kabul province. Local government officials said flash floods hit at least four villages due to heavy rains in Surobi district, and at least 100 people including women and children were hit…
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Orphans Food distribution in Kabul and Ningarhar 2013 At the end of Ramadan 2013, HAS-AUS prepared 250 food packages to be distributed to the 250 orphans on HAS-AUS list. The packages were distributed as a gift to the orphans’ families for Eid-Ul-Fitr celebrations in Kabul and Ningrahar. All funds towards this project was kindly donated by the muslim community in south eastern…
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Sadaqat ul Fitr Afghan Mosque Committee

In September 2011 HAS-AUS through the help of Omar Farooq Masjid initiated Sadagat Ul Fitr project to help the poor in Afghanistan. The project raised sufficient funds through the afghan community to provide food packages for 167 families, Alhamdullillah. The food packages consisted of 7kg of rice, 5kg beans, 3 kg sugar, 3 litres cooking…
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HAS-Australia Zakat and Fitrana 2011

In August 2011 HAS-AUS initiated the distribution of Zakat & Fitrana for the poor in Afghanistan. Alhamdullillah, there was enough money donated to purchase 287 food packages. Packages mainly consisted of 7kg of rice, 5kg beans, 3 kg sugar, 3 litres cooking oil, 1kg tea, and 2 packs of dates. These packages were distributed amongs…
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HAS-Australia Winter Packages 2013

October 2013, after the success of the Fundraising Dinner night, HAS_AUS prepared winter packages to be sent to the poor living in various camps in Kabul region. Winter packages included items such as clothing and blankets for the families. Packages were distributed among 168 families comprising of almost 5000 individuals,  Alhadullillah.
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HAS-Australia Food Item Distribution – 2012

April 2023, HAS_AUS with help of HAS_AFG distributed food packages to poor Afghans in Kabul. Funds for the food was donated by the muslim community in the south eastern regions of Victoria. Alhamdullillah, money raised by the close tight community allowed for food to be distributed to over 196 families (1372 individuals). Food items included…
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HAS-Australia Food Item Distribution – 2013

April 2013, Brothers Feroz and colleage visited Afghanistan to distribute food packages to those in desparate need at the time. Funds for the food was donated by the muslim community in the south eastern regions of Victoria. Alhamdullillah, community donations allowed for food to be distributed to over 80 families (560 individuals) living camps located…
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